Why Krav Maga Techniques Work

Ever wonder why Israeli Martial Arts is taught to Special Forces around the world?

Why Krav Maga Techniques Work
With so many fighting systems and styles out there, you probably are wondering why Krav Maga Techniques work so well in real life situations. This is not hard to answer. Let’s go over a few of the reasons.
* Size doesn’t matter.
* No wasted moves.
* You can subdue the attacker rapidly.
* Teaches how to deal with multiple attackers.
* Teaches defense against weapons.
* It gives you confidence and prepares you mentally.
* Goes from defending to attacking quickly.
* Shows you how to use almost anything as a weapon.
I suppose that I could continue with this list but I think you get the point. This fighting system is meant for anything that you may come up against. Krav Maga classes will increase your survivability and decrease your vulnerability.
Victims come in all shapes and sizes as well as their would be attackers. You just never know when you might have to use self defense to get out of a bad predicament.