Stick Fighting Seminar – Modern Arnis


UPDATE: Thanks to all the over 20+ attendees of this seminar! We look forward to more soon!

Sept 16 — 6:30pm to 9:00pm

$39 through Sept 7th
$49 after Sept 7th

  • Cash or check only please. No refunds.
  • Doors close at 6:30pm sharp
  • Meet at ASD Facility

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Modern Arnis is often referred to as “the art within the art.” The techniques are based on patterns and theories of movement, instead of static moves and drills.
Rather than learning complex forms and one-step sparring drills for each weapon, students learn the fundamentals of natural movement and use the same patterns of attack and defense in response to each direction, type and intensity of attack. This is true regardless of whether they are holding a sword, dagger, stick or no weapon at all. In addition, all the
techniques lead into a countless variety of disarms, throws and locks using the maximum leverage available from whatever weapon is being utilized. Sticks will be provided & students may take this home as a souvenir.
About the Instructor
Vic Fredlund is ranked and a certied instructor in the Modern Arnis system under Grand Master Je Delaney. He will be introducing basic blocks and disarms, as well as traps and joint locks using the stick (or cane).