Special Seminar: Arnis – Stick Fighting

Austin Self Defense teaches the mindset to always even the odds but preferable better the odds in an attack. If an attacker deploys a weapon then you should as well. This series of classes will cover defenses against stick attacks with students utilizing a stick of their own to absorb/block, counter with strikes and even incorporate joint locks for “less than lethal” finish.
Sticks will be provided to new students
Students will progressively learn ow drills (Tapi-Tapi) that will Arnis Stick Fighting Seminarallow them to become familiar with stick movements, offensive and defensive as well as footwork.
Tuesdays from 6:15pm – 7:15pm
February 7th — February 28th
$50, cash or check only.
 View full flyer here, PDF.
About the Instructor
Vic Fredlund is ranked and a certied instructor in the Modern Arnis system under Grand Master Je Delaney. He will be introducing basic blocks and  disarms, as well as traps and joint locks using the stick (or cane).