Israeli Instinctive Shooting - IDF Handcuffing Procedures Nov 5th — 7:00pm to 8:30pm

$25 before 26 Oct —  $40 after 26 Oct

Click here for larger version of flyer. NOTE: Cut off date for price change is 26 Oct.


Goals: The objective of this course is for each participant to be able to e effectively and safely hand cuff and search a violent individual. This is a highly technical procedure and extremely dangerous, therefore we must have a set protocol and system for it’s fast and smooth execution.

Needs: Pants, sneakers, T-Shirt. Weapons and cuffs will be provided by the school.

Specific skills taught during the seminar:

  • How to eectively corner and close in on the enemy
  • Approach and disarmament of the enemy
  • Handcung with ex cus and steel
  • Searching the enemy for weapons
  • Packaging and transporting the prisoner

About the Instructor
Garret Machine is the lead instructor for Israeli Professional Tactical Training.
Learn more about Garret on our website at

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