Special Course: Basic Rifle Course – Israeli IDF Counter Terror – 5 Nov

Basic Rifle SeminarSat, Nov. 5th – 8:30am – 5pm
$300 through 26 Oct.  – $375 after 26 Oct.
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About: This is an urban warfare counter terror course in the Israeli method. This course is taught in the exact same way as it is taught in elite units in the IDF. The instructor for this course is a combat veteran of the Duvdevan unit, Israeli Ministry of Defense and Israeli National Police Force.
Goals: To gain tremendous condence with the rifle in the counter terror setting. To manipulate the weapon with ease and with fluid precision.
Needs: Semi automatic assault rifle (M-16 A1/A2, AR-15, M4, Flat top, Commando, SBR) and strap. 2 magazines. Sneakers, pants and t-shirt. Eyes and ear protection. Sun block, water, hat, bug repellant, snacks. 400 rounds of ammo. Knee pads optional.
Specific skills taught during the seminar:

  • Basic rifle set up for urban warfare
  • Zeroing
  • Body position and points of contact on the weapon
  • Multiple targets
  • Kneeling, standing, laying
  • Closing distance to and from cover
  • Jam corrections for speed
  • Rapid reloads

About the Instructor
Garret Machine is the lead instructor for Israeli Professional Tactical Training.
Learn more about Garret on our website at www.austinselfdefense.com.