Reality Based Training Facility

Krav Maga Class

Our training system includes a well established curriculum and it is mainly based on live exercises and simulations. We believe that only a wise combination of strategy and tactical learning, with extensive and realistic training, can offer professional and practical solutions in modern high stress situations.

Austin Self Defense is Austin’s 1st Full Spectrum Self Defense – Fighting – Fitness center. Austin Self Defense offers classes that teach Modern Self Defense & Weapons Techniques, Stand-up & Ground Techniques as well as offering Outstanding and un-replicated Conditioning Classes.

Austin Self Defense has been assisting Austin-area residents in reaching their personal development goals since 2002. The members and staff are friendly, helpful and encouraging towards each other & guests. There are NO attitudes at Austin Self Defense. All classes, with the exception of Conditioning Classes, are designed to teach students Offensive as well as Defensive techniques. Austin Self Defense classes will teach Self Defense & fighting skills, build stamina & endurance and teach students how to properly organize their mental attitude towards a defense situation in order to improve the odds of winning, and not just surviving, an attack.

  • Krav Maga Classes
  • Haganah Classes
  • Israeli Tactical Knife Classes
  • Haganah Kids Classes
  • Combat Fitness Classes