KRAV MAGA – CoEd (Module1)

$139.00 3 hours


B E  T H E  M A S T E R  O F  Y O U R  E N V I R O N M E N T

Even though this is a serious topic we attempt to keep the training upbeat, fun, energetic and friendly. We encourage you to make new friends and utilize these friendships to continue to practice your skills well after you have taken the course(s).

The system is designed so that the set of principles which are the fundamentals of every technique apply to the most common types of attacks/scenarios. It is because of this approach that trainees reach a high level of mental and technical proficiency in a relatively short time.

MODULE 1: 1 of 10

PLEASE NOTE: The majority of people who attend these events have absolutely no experience so there is no reason to be intimidated. All techniques are broken down in steps so that they are easy to learn. Attendee leave feeling well educated, capable and most importantly, confident in their ability to defend themselves. Hope to see you at the next event!

Throughout these modules you will be learning mentalities, footwork, objectives, striking points, de-escalation and more.

Additionally: You will learn many different types of strikes and striking point from long range, medium range and close range.

We will also be covering a vast number of open hand defenses.

It is in our teachings to be discrete with our skills and not provoke others. We must be humble enough so that ego does not want to show them that we are better than them; this is one of the most necessary things for students to learn. We should develop skills so if a situation accelerates in a negative direction, we have the ability to swiftly dissolve the threat. First and foremost, we should attempt to avoid or deescalate a potential violent situation whenever possible. If it is unavoidable, respond only with the necessary amount of force to neutralize the attack.

As you advance through the levels, you will learn:

  •  Prevention, avoidance, escape and evasion.
  • Dealing with throws and falls to all directions and angles.
  • Attacks and counterattacks, performed to all targets, distances, ranges, heights, angles, directions and in all rhythms; executed from all positions and postures; using any available common object for defensive purposes.
  • Defending all unarmed attacks: punches, strikes and kicks. Releases from the most common types of grabs and holds.
  • Dealing with the above attacks when sent from all possible directions and places; When performed by a single or multiple attackers; When occurring in all places, positions and postures, (while standing, on the move, sitting down, laying down on the back, side or facing down)

These seminars are designed to be learned in sequential order for optimum learning but not required.

Upon request, participants will receive:

  • Certificate of completion

Age: 18+ (If attending w/parent: 8+)

Waiver: ALL participants will sign a waiver before participating

Attire: Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and athletic shoes

Start time: The course will start promptly at the time listed.

Snacks: We have vending machines on premises (cash or credit accepted)

Course Cancellation/Change

  • Substitutions of attendee is acceptable. Information on the new attendee shall be provided to ASD 24-hrs prior to event via email at [email protected]
  • Full Refund: Attendees must cancel at least 72 hours prior to the course date/time to receive a full refund less a $15 administrative fee.

NOTE: The reason for the advanced notice requirement is to make sure we have a total head count of 6 persons. Without this minimum of 6, we will have to cancel the class and be respectful of the other attendees by offering them adequate notice

  • ASD Cancelation: ASD reserves the right to cancel or reschedule seminars at any time. IF ASD cancels or reschedules the seminar, attendee is entitled to a full refund.
  • Flight Insurance: Due to the fact that there is always a possibility of seminar cancellation, we suggest you purchase flight insurance if that is your means of travel to this event.