$45.00 60 minutes

These classes provides a happy medium between a one-on-one private and large group class. The class size has been limited to allow for more individualized attention and the ability to bring participants to combat ready at a faster pace.

Participants will work with a partner or partners to practice techniques and perform drills. Class is designed to provide knowledge of strikes, vulnerable areas to strike, footwork, stance, objectives, goals, strategies, mentalities, prevention, awareness and hands on defenses against the most common types of attacks. This class moves at a moderate to fast pace and is completely hands on. No experience necessary! All techniques are broken down in steps so that participants can blend into classes quite comfortably regardless of age and/or athletic abilities. Ages: 13 +

Note: The objective is to build muscle memory so that in a moment of crisis one does not have to think/recall but rather, fall back on instinctive/reactive movements.

  • FREE hand wraps (1st visit)