$99.00 2 hours


The combatives seminars were designed to provide technical instruction mixed with bag drills. The entire class is hands-on, very informative, upbeat and fun!

Whether your desires are to get a great fitness workout, learn how to fight back effectively in a self-defense situation or to establish proper skills for your current fitness regimen, this seminar is a perfect fit.

The series of six (6) seminars will cover approximately twenty-six (26) different combatives/strikes including many variables of elbows, hammer-punches, punches, kicks, knees etc. Additionally, these seminars will cover striking points, footwork, objectives and – through a series of drills – cover how to overlap techniques in a sequence of overwhelming strikes to place you in a dominant position. Again, these seminars will be taught with emphasis on having a great time, meeting new people and establishing new friendships that could potentially turn into training partners.

For those of you who currently attend gym kick-box classes, kick-box bag classes or heavy bag fitness classes, these seminars could dramatically improve your overall workouts while teaching you how to prevent injuries.

All techniques are broken down in steps while teaching how to utilize your body mechanics to deliver much faster and harder strikes than you could imagine. All techniques are taught utilizing hand-held bags/pads via partner work.

Feeling a little intimidated due to the fact that you have never done something like this before? Please don’t! The majority of people that attend my seminars have never had any prior training in the past. Let me know your comfort level, skill level, gender preference for your training partner etc., and I will make every attempt to partner you up appropriately.

No more excuses! Come & try one seminar and walk away with a tremendous amount of self-confidence and technical skills. I can all but guarantee that you will be hooked after your first seminar!!

  • FREE hand wraps
  • Certificate of completion (Upon Request)

Age: 18+ (If attending w/parent 13+)

Waiver: ALL participants will sign a waiver before participating

Attire: Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and athletic shoes

Start time: The course will start promptly at the time listed.

Snacks: We have vending machines on premises (cash or credit accepted)

Course Cancellation/Change

  • Substitutions of attendee is acceptable. Information on the new attendee shall be provided to ASD 24-hrs prior to event via email at [email protected]
  • Full Refund: Attendees must cancel at least 72 hours prior to the course date/time to receive a full refund less a $15 administrative fee.

NOTE: The reason for the advanced notice requirement is to make sure we have a total head count of 4 persons. Without this minimum of 4, we will have to cancel the class and be respectful of the other attendees by offering them adequate notice

  • ASD Cancelation: ASD reserves the right to cancel or reschedule seminars at any time. IF ASD cancels or reschedules the seminar, attendee is entitled to a full refund.
  • Flight Insurance: Due to the fact that there is always a possibility of seminar cancellation, we suggest you purchase flight insurance if that is your means of travel to this event.