Private Self Protection Training

Private, One-on-One Self Protection and Self Defense Training Sessions

Everyone has differing reasons for desiring private or 1-on-1 self defense training. Here are some the reasons I often hear:

  • I work late at night and I dread walking to my car alone without being able to defend myself. 
  • I learn better in a 1-on-1 training environment versus in a group setting.
  • I have physical limitations, which make it more difficult to take part in group self defense training classes. 
  • I am traveling to a foreign country soon, and I need accelerated self defense training now. 
  • News reports of violent crime are on the rise and I am on edge.
  • I am preparing to send my daughters off to college and I want them to have the personal protection skills to fight off an attacker.  
  • I am in Law Enforcement or the Military, and I need the most up-to-date personal self defensive tactics and maneuvers

I would like to assist you in discovering the ideal type of personal training that will best suit your training goals. Reach out to me by calling or text at 512-918-9999.

Here is just a sample of self defense techniques covered in a private, one-on-one self protection training lesson.

  • Awareness, Prevention, Escape, Evasion Techniques
  • Assessing a situation / Decision making
  • Strikes – Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees and other strikes (Offensive & Defensive)
  • Personal Defense -vs- Grabs – Chokes, Headlocks, Hair grabs, Wrist Grabs, Bear Hugs
  • Defense -vs- Knife (sharp objects) Threats & Attacks
  • Defense -vs- Gun Threats
  • Defense -vs- Blunt Objects (stick, bat, common objects)

These are just a few examples of the personal protection techniques we teach our private clients. We customize your 1-on-1 personal protection training sessions to meet your needs, interests, skill level, and goals! We look forward to meeting you!

Do you questions about our 1-on-1 self protection training sessions?

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