Private Training

Private Personal Protection and Self Defense Training

Everyone has a different reason for wanting or needing private training. Some reasons I hear pretty regularly:

  • I work late at night and have concerns when walking to my car
  • I learn better with 1 on 1 training
  • I have physical limitations that make it difficult to participate in group training
  • Traveling to a foreign country and need accelerated training
  • News reports of increased violent crime
  • Prepare daughters for college
  • Law Enforcement seeking the most up to date defensive tactics

I would like to assist you in discovering what type of training would best suit your needs.

Here is a small sample of techniques we can cover:

  • Prevention, Escape, Evasion
  • Assessing a situation / Decision making
  • Strikes – Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees and other strikes (Offensive & Defensive)
  • Defense -vs- Grabs – Chokes, Headlocks, Hair grabs, Wrist Grabs, Bear Hugs
  • Defense -vs- Knife (sharp objects) Threats & Attacks
  • Defense -vs- Gun Threats
  • Defense -vs- Blunt Objects (stick, bat, common objects)

This is a very small example of what I can cover based upon client interest/needs!