New Fitness Boot Camp Classes!!

Austin Self Defense is now offering Boot Camp Classes!
Our Boot Camp Class is designed to increase sports performance, improve stamina & endurance, decrease body fat, tone muscles & build confidence. Bootcamp Bosu
We incorporate Bag Work, Bands, Medicine Balls, Bosu Balls, Swiss Balls, Kettle bells and more for a Boot Camp Medicine Ballcomplete fitness experience! Because everybody works at their own pace, these classes are perfect for anybody regardless of current athletic ability and cardio stamina. If you have been unable to overcome those difficult plateaus and achieve the results you expect from your training, try our classes and decide for yourself that this is the best and most fun workout you have ever had.

Testimonial from a recent Boot Camp class:

I really enjoyed my class with Hugo on Saturday. I was nervous when I arrived because I know that I am not in very good shape and an hour long class with a big group of strangers was intimidating to me. I appreciate you and Hugo talking to me and answering my questions and I look forward to coming back next Saturday for another class.

The class was challenging and today I am so sore. Everywhere. Even my neck is sore when I swallow food. 🙂 It is a really good feeling and helps me know that I accomplished something in class yesterday. I know that I will be more motivated to exercise at home during the week to help prepare me for the next class on Saturday.

Thank you so much!
Have a good week.


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