Miguel; Testimonial

A co-worker of mine and I took the Krav Maga classes offered here.  It’s fun and with Dan as your instructor you’re guaranteed a good workout.  The other instructors are very fun too.  I had imagined in my head there would be a serious Cobra Kai instructor yelling at me to sweep the knee, but these guys are cool and you can tell they really know their fighting skills.
I am in the worst shape of my life right now and was concerned I’d pass out if I went (almost did the first day) but after I stopped trying so hard to impress those around me, I focused on the technique and the exercises.  I like that I can work out and practice the moves they teach you at your own pace.  If you get too tired, just sit out 5 minutes and grab a drink – no one judges you.  I was surprised to see girls there and people of all ages – young and old.
They offer two classes for free to try it out with no credit cards and no strings attached.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and no sales push (the class sells itself).  I signed up for month-to-month and my co-worker signed up for a year.
I like how everything they teach you is about real-world scenarios.  They stress at every training, if you can run, then run, if you can’t avoid an altercation, then take them down quickly, and then run – don’t gloat and hang about because their friends or some other crazy dude may jump out and try to get you next.  This is really good advice.  They say to know all your exits when walking into a crowded room and you practice take-down moves and running.  No fancy Mr. Miyagi technique – just the basic elements you need to defend and get the heck out.
The people I’ve partnered up with there for exercises also happen to be very cool – but that’s just luck of the draw.  If you can go with someone you know then that’s best.  I like that it’s also easy to make new friends there (while you take turns attacking and fending off each other).  Even the attacks are not full on 100% attacks.  You practice in slow motion, till you’re confident, and you speed up. There are thick pads to hold for the exercises where you connect through punches and kicks.