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Most people do not even realize there are differences between 1 Krav Maga training facility as compared to another as well as 1 Krav Maga associations as compared to another. As a consumer one should have an idea what their goals and objectives in training are and then see what training facility is the best fit. Basing a decision on an actual experience is the key to being happy with the service purchased. Some ideas of things to consider could be:

  • Distance to training facility. This is always a determining factor but many other considerations should be acknowledged to ensure satisfaction especially when entering into a membership
  • Facility – Cleanliness, adequate equipment, size of classes, size of training area, adequate lighting etc
  • Instructor – knowledge, ability to relay information adequately, personality etc
  • Students –  friendliness, egos, control etc
  • Class layout – more emphasis on conditioning, more emphasis on  tactics, structure, Krav specific or morphed with other styles etc
  •  Ranking – duration between tests, expectations to test, ranking procedures, levels, skills per level , uniforms, equipment required etc
  • Associations – History of the association and master instructors which the training facility  instructors have trained under,  Reputation of the association etc

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