Krav Maga: Violence of Action this analogy for the application of force; think about force being applied as electricity. Think of the difference between a dimmer light and a light switch. When you dial up a dimmer light, the light bulb becomes brighter slowly. It takes time for it to light the room. When a switch is flipped, the room is lit instantly. Similarly, when force is applied gradually, the opponent is able to adjust to the use of force, alter his pain threshold and resist. When you apply force instantly, the light switch, it’s much more likely you’ll overwhelm your opponents resistance compelling him to submit much more quickly.
What is the solution to this dilemma? The theory of violence of action needs to be applied to use of force. Violence of action is the instant, maximum application of the use of force that is legally and morally justified. The use of force should be applied so quickly that instead of the long drawn out series of strikes we see a blur of action and your opponent piled up on the ground within 3-5 seconds. This is particularly important if you are facing more than one attacker. The use of force justification is based on your opponents actions. The duration of force application is short, and the injuries to your opponent are maximized to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to increase your ability to survive and escape.
Explained in detail, “Violence of Action”, means employing the force justified correctly, instantly, and with full impact. It also means transitioning between and coupling together force responses to achieve the goal – neutralization of threat and escape. A correctly applied fist strike may lead directly to a leg kick or knee to the leg while the distance is being closed and your opponent is being forced to the ground. This post is not attempting to change individual defensive tactic maneuvers, rather it seeks to change the mindset of how those maneuvers are employed and how they can be coupled together to end a confrontation quickly and favorably. How do we accomplish this goal? We change the mindset of our students and expose them to the benefits of ending a confrontation quickly and efficiently. The end goals are a greater sense of safety for you on the street and an increased awareness of how to survive a “real” attack outside of the gym. We’ll see you in class!
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