Krav Maga: Three Reasons to Love Our Classes Powerful, Real-World Self-Defense
You want a self-defense system that’s tested & proven to work in the real world, right? Nothing beats Krav Maga in this aspect! It was originally created by the Israeli army to work fluidly in real-life situations. In fact, a big part of the training is simulating all kinds of real-life scenarios, like being grabbed from behind… being approached by a knife… and more. We’ll teach you exactly what to do to keep yourself & your loved ones safe & sound.
2. Rapid Fat Loss
Our program provides an outstanding workout that gets your whole body lean & toned.  When you lose weight and get in shape everything feels better. You have more energy that lasts through the entire day. You feel more confident & comfortable about who you are when you look in the mirror and really like what you see.
3. A Fun, Motivational Environment
We’ve been told our classes are so fun that people get hooked from the start! Krav Maga by itself is intense & exciting. The moves are fast and fluid. And there is so much to learn that every session you’ll walk away with something new. And when choosing our staff, they had to meet certain criteria. First, they have to be experts. Second, they have to be passionate & caring. And finally, they have to be cool people! We’ve heard that other places have mean, strict instructors who don’t treat you like a human being. You’ll NEVER experience that here!
This is a fun, safe, supportive environment, designed for one purpose: to help you succeed in fitness & self-defense while having a ton of fun. That’s it!
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