Krav Maga: Theory vs Practice say there is no such thing as “bad attack” (all attacks are bad, did you know that?). If you fail in your defense you can not blame the attacker for not attacking as you had been trained. What will you do on the street! Explain to the attacker how he is supposed to attack? C’mon this is Krav Maga, not a Karate kata!
So in Krav Maga it is OK to have a theory but unlike the theory of planetary movement or evolution we can not leave it in the realm of theory, we must actualize it by training full force in as realistic a setting as we can. You must train hard and you must test your technique against many opponents/training partners of different sizes and strengths. For this reason men and women should train together, big people and small people, fast and slow.
This is a new age of training. Train hard, make mistakes, get bruised a little, feel your ego getting bruised, and for your own sake, be honest in your training. Every martial art is different in theory and application  – in a street fight Krav Maga is as good or better than any other martial art. This is because of the way and purpose with which it was developed. This is why you train in Krav Maga. Because a real attack doesn’t happen in a ring with a referee with some one in your weight class. Have a great 4th of July. Be safe and we look forward to seeing you in class!
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