Krav Maga Striking Technique Basics

Krav Maga draws its striking techniques from the most powerful systems in the world and then adapts them for optimal street effectiveness.


  • Every superfluous movement is eliminated. In a real situation every second counts.
  • Avoid all fancy moves.
  • Don’t’ turn your back on the opponent.
  • Stay solidly on the ground, no jumping or spinning movements.
  • Each strike should deliver maximum power; nonetheless we train with combination strikes. We do not rely on the old saying,”One strike one kill.” We rely on “Take no chances.” We use penetrating blows that bring the pain deep into the muscle causing shock to the system.
  • Combine hand and foot techniques for maximum effectiveness, one technique sets up the next.
  • Use body momentum, not body power, to generate quick effective bursts of force. Use the hips not the torso.
  • Don’t stop until the threat is neutralized.

Bag Work

Unlike traditional karate we do not do ‘air punching’. We do our striking techniques on pads or on the heavy bag. If you are hitting the heavy bag there is a simple way to gauge if you are doing it correctly. If the bag is swinging wildly – you are only pushing the bag. An effective, powerful, strike, enters the bag and ‘folds’ it a bit, but does not cause swinging. Working with a bag allows you to strike with full power without hurting your joints.

The Strikes

Punches- taken from the most effective punching style; Western Boxing. We adapt the approach because unlike boxing we use kicking as well and in the street we must protect against non-boxing techniques too.
Front kick, Side kick – Similar to Karate
Low kick, round house kicks – Muay Thai,
Knee kicks, elbow strikes, – Muay Thai.
Each strike is the most powerful of its kind. Recently the program ‘Fight Science’ scientifically examined every kick and punch, and guess what? It proved that these were in fact the most powerful strikes. The Western Boxing punch is more powerful than the kung fu, karate, Muay Thai or Taekwondo punch. Similarly the Thai low kick is more powerful than any similar karate style kick.
Krav Maga incorporates these strikes as part of its gun/knife/stick and hand to hand defense. We don’t only use them for kickboxing or sport; we use them as part of an effective innovative survival program. We measure their effectiveness the way people measure guns; by their stopping power. Our goal is survival and these strikes work.