Krav Maga: Shirt Grab you know what to do if a bully grabbed your shirt at school, way home , park etc. and threatened to punch you in the face, shove you to the ground and/or belittle you in front of peers? There is a simple yet fiercely effective Krav Maga counterattack for exactly this situation. This simple yet effective counterattack to shirt grabs involves a joint and gross-motor pressure-point manipulation to take down an attacker quickly and decisively in a one-two movement.
The key to this technique is making the attacker’s body part of yours. When your opponent is grabbing you, you have to make their fist a part of your body. And if your body will turn, all their arm will turn. The one-two movement is described as a press-down on the attacker’s grabbing hand with a slight forward press with the shoulder, followed by the abrupt turn of the whole body to effectively force the attacker into a submissive position.
A slight variant of this technique involves just the body turn, which disrupts the attacker’s alignment and opens him up for the forward press with your shoulder. This acts as a blunt pressing force against his wrist, his arm and his shoulder in their weakened positions and brings the attacker to the ground. Let me know in class if you have any questions over this technique which is a part of our curriculum. Have a great day friends.
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