Krav Maga: React to Your Attackers Preparations a physical fight is preceded by a verbal confrontation or some sort of threat. This is the time to react; attack his preparation, strike before he strikes you. This of course requires hands-on training. As a rule of thumb; if you sense trouble, keep your eyes on his hands, it is the hands that kill you. If you cannot see his hands – there is a problem. A hidden hand may be concealing an edged weapon. This is the time to react; either retreat or attack his preparation.
If you do have the option to escape, that is best. Police studies have shown that an “orderly retreat is best”. What does that mean? It means that just turning your back and running may not be the best option. It might encourage the assailant to chase after you, it might excite him/her. It is best to find some way to retreat (rather than just run away), use the environment, throw an object; make the escape a little more dignified. This will discourage the attacker from pursuing.
You must train with the environment in mind. Are you on flat open space or in a crowded office? Are you on a stairway or in a airplane? Take this into account. You will use both footwork and dodging with your body, within the space that circumstances provide. This combination leads to successful evasive techniques. You should train moving side ways, and back stepping, always keeping in mind how much space you have, your best exit points, and the objects around you that you can use to your advantage. Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll see you in class!
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