Krav Maga: Motivation is a very personal element. People start Krav Maga for a diverse range of reasons. Varying from; learning self defence, keeping fit, social activity, personal development etc. It is arguably these reasons that are the motivational factor for you continuing your Krav Maga training. Two questions that come to mind are really, what is your motivation after you have achieved your original goal in your Krav Maga training? Or do you ever really achieve your original goal in your Krav Maga training as it is constantly changing?

For me as a Krav Maga Instructor I am always motivated by the fact to be better than what I already am. I drive myself to be the best I can be. Even after being in Krav Maga for many years even now I always feel the nerves and butterfly’s before workshops, seminars, instructor training and gradings but afterwards I find myself wondering what on earth I was nervous about and have a feeling of euphoria beyond belief at the end find myself saying that world renowned phrase ‘that was awesome’. Krav Maga is about the journey as much as about learning every technique forwards and backwards. Stay motivated to keep on your personal journey of success in life and in Krav Maga. There are no limits. See you in class!
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