Krav Maga Fitness

Every possible component of mind and body fitness is incorporated into Krav Maga. It starts by building a stable foundation within your body for you to work with. The next focus is to build upon your functional strength and to begin to apply that strength to the Krav Maga system. Your training will focus on learning how to develop your power and explosiveness.
Krav Maga will teach your body how to move through the world with physical grace and a state of mental and emotional ease and awareness. The cardiorespiratory training that is included within Krav Maga will increase your body’s metabolic rate, which will help to decrease your body fat percentage.
The flexibility training aspect will lead to lengthened and more efficient joints and muscles, keeping the body mobile as you age. The strength training component will increase lean body mass as well as promote overall joint and skeletal health. In the long run, any exercise program helps to fight the ailments of aging, but Krav Maga is the only system that can get you into outstanding shape as well as teach you to be safe at the same time.

Getting Results

Krav Maga training simultaneously builds muscular, mental, cardiovascular, and core strength, and it improves flexibility, vision, reaction time, endurance, self-control, speed, and the body’s resting metabolic rate while it reduces stress. Krav Maga training is a balanced approach to becoming truly fit and will take you as far as you are willing to go! Dramatic results should be apparent in thirty days, and a drastic change in your physical appearance can be seen in ninety days.

Krav Maga for Everyone

Perhaps the best evidence of the benefits of Krav Maga training can be seen on television and the big screen. And Krav Maga is not a practice that is restricted only to males. Many women enjoy Krav Maga fitness training, and they reap the same benefits as men.
Many celebrities have begun Krav Maga training — Jennifer Garner (from TV’s Alias), Christian Bale (Batman Begins), James Gandolfini (from HBO’s The Sopranos), Jennifer Lopez (Enough), and Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) — to name just a handful.
In fact, Jennifer Lopez received intensive Krav Maga training to prepare for her role in the movie Enough. In the film, Lopez plays a battered wife who chooses not to be a victim and decides that she’s not going to be battered anymore. She trains for months and confronts her abusive husband one-on-one using Krav Maga!
In reality, women often thrive under Krav Maga training. So forget all that “it’s not ladylike to fight” business! If that were true, then why were you given the ability?
The bottom line isthat Krav Maga delivers on its promises as both an excellent physical fitness program as well as a method of self-defense, not to mention that it does so quickly, effectively, and in a fun, empowering, and energizing way.