Krav Maga: Explosiveness
One of the key elements of Krav Maga, along with simplicity, directness, and versatility, is explosiveness. Explosiveness is the ability to produce maximum effort or strength in a short amount of time. While closely related to strength training, being strong does not equal explosiveness. Exercises to develop explosiveness are commonly referred to as plyometics, where the goal is to increase the amount of force applied and decreases the time needed to apply it. In Hebrew we call this “Koach mitparetz“, or “Bursting Power, exploding power”. The idea is that, as the word implies, you explode into your opponents attack, and this makes all the difference. In a way one can describe this explosiveness as an attitude, an expression. It is not a Mr. Nice Guy approach, not a control technique, but more like a shotgun going off. The explosiveness comes from a relaxed body bringing forth all its energy in one concerted motion. It comes from a focus of all the body’s resources at one time on one target. It comes from a single minded purpose and an offensive mindset. It begins with an attitude – a solid resolve; I will not be a victim. Bring your questions and we’ll see you in class!
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