Krav Maga: Controlling Fear in Traumatic Situations some people natural heroes’? Are some people naturally brave? In precarious situations we feel fear. That fear drives some people to incredible acts of heroism and bravery while others freeze or loose control. In our training we learn to familiarize ourselves with danger and fear provoking situations. Having someone come at you in the middle of the night with a real sharpened edged weapon is scary to say the least. Behavior is learned. We cannot erase the fear mechanism, we do not want to, it is a God given survival mechanism. We can however learn to channel it much more effectively. Neuroscientist Dr. Joseph LeDoux says with regard to fear, “Whether it proves to be one of your best survival tools or your downfall depends on your ability to control it.” “An effective survivor is someone who can shut off the fear alarm clanging in his head and channel the resulting motivation into purposeful action that reduces the danger.”
Being able to shut off the alarm in your head, the panic button, and remain calm and focused, is essential to survive any traumatic situation. In Krav Maga we work on gaining that control. That is a learned skill just like any other. No one is born knowing how to ride a bicycle or drive a car; we learn it. Yet some people never learn how to drive a car. Everyone can be trained to cope with pain, loss, suffering and anxiety. It all involves a decision, or, a mental switch. Our classes are designed to not only teach you the most effective self defense techniques but also equip you with the mental toughness and ability to act under stress that will most likely make all the difference in a real world confrontation. That is part of the entire package of Krav Maga – not just the moves but the attitude – to never give up and never stopping until you’ve controlled or escaped the danger. Real life happens outside the gym and that’s what we’re here to prepare you for. We’ll see you in class!
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