Krav Maga: Continually Evolving to Meet Your Needs the nation of Israel was born in the 1940s, so too was a combative system that would begin to take the world by storm some 50 years later. Krav Maga came into being out of the necessity to survive in an ever-hostile environment. Israel and it’s people needed a combative system that was devastatingly effective while remaining easy to learn- first by the military, and later by it’s police and citizens.
Fast forward to the early 21st century and you will find many variations of Krav Maga. While some claim that there is only one system of Krav Maga, the truth is that the original system has been continually improved upon and interpreted differently by instructors world-wide in accordance to the needs of those being trained. The beauty of Krav Maga is that it is adaptable to the needs of the group who will be using it.
We take adaptability to a new level. Beyond the ability to adapt for a group of people Krav Maga is designed to adapt to the INDIVIDUAL. With a curriculum consisting of combative techniques, psychology, threat recognition, and stress inoculation, the goals of Krav Maga are to:

  • build students who are physically, mentally, and emotionally able to react to violent encounters.
  • teach students to be analytical thinkers when evaluating attacks and defenses.
  • encourage students to create the self-discipline to maintain their personal readiness.
  • produce instructors who are problem solvers and able to adapt to the needs of their students.
  • train instructors who are able to guide their students in reaching their maximum potential as martial artists.
  • work to evolve the system to adapt to new threats on the street and needs of our students and instructors.

If you would like to join our family as a student or an instructor, please research our website and contact us to answer any questions that you may still have. We encourage questions in your search so that you may make the best training decisions for yourself based on all possible information. We’ll see you in class.
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