Krav Maga: Basic Pressure Points

A weak point, also known as a pressure point, is a part of the human body which is impossible to develop, harden, or strengthen. Attacking your attacker’s weak points gives even the weakest or most unskilled fighter an advantage over any attacker. Remember: it’s you that’s getting jumped. There is no room for any “moral fighting code” here. Your goal is to get out of the situation alive. This will be achieved by inflicting the maximum damage to your attacker in minimum time.
Eyes Attacks to the eyes can be made only with a small surface mostly with the fingers. You can hit the eyes from all sides even lying down. The advantage of this weak point is that the attacker has no ability of coping with an attack to their eyes. A hit in the eyes will neutralize the attacker, and give you time to improve your position.
Nose- The nose is positioned in the center of the face and is easy to get to.  Hit the nose with a strike that has a big surface for example: head-butt, punch, elbow and knee. A strike to the nose will cause the attacker eyes to water and their nose to bleed. A strong and precise strike could break your attacker’s nose and will make it very difficult for him to continue his attack.
Chin- In every boxing match you will see both opponents always aim at each others chins. This is because a solid strike to the chin can cause the attacker to fall down, lose his balance or pass out. You can hit the chin with punches from all angles.
Throat- This is one of the more lethal weak points in the human body. A strong strike to the throat can cause a person to choke and die. A strike to the throat will be done by a punch or an open hand hit. You can also damage the throat by using pressure (choke). A  solid strike to the throat is lethal to the enemy and there is no chance for him to recover after one.
Testicles-  Most of us know the feeling of a light hit to the testicles, and can only imagine what a full strong hit will do to the attacker. The best kinds of attacks to strike the testicles are knees,  kicks, and open palm strikes in close ranges. A hit to the attacker’s testicles will cause him to bend over and give us time to continue with our attacks or escape.
Knees- A strike to the knees can be done by a kick from all angles. Your goal is to break the attacker knee. In a case where you do break their knee the attacker no longer has a chance to hurt you. No attacker or fighter in the world can continue to fight with a broken knee.
Temples This is the thin part of the skull. A strike to the temple can be made with a hook , elbow or other strikes that come from the sides. A strike to the temple will cause the attacker to lose his balance, fall or pass out. A strong solid strike to the temple can lead to death.
Ears An ear is a delicate organ which you can hit or tear. An attack to the ear will be made mostly at close range. A hit in that direction is an excellent way to free yourself from all sorts of holds and grabs and can rupture your attackers ear  drum.
Rest of the body: The rest of the body is very strong with a lots of muscles and bones which protect the internal organs. In a life or death situation you would prefer to hit a part which will cause immediate paralysis to the attacker. The non weak points of the body can be worked on and strengthened and it may be very difficult to overcome your attacker with a hit to a non weak point.