Krav Maga: Are You Ready? Krav Maga, the intention in any conflict situation is to find a peaceful solution. Violence is the absolute last resort. As a practitioner, it is important to understand that you have a responsibility to use your skills for protecting yourself or your loved ones. Tactics and techniques are potentially lethal and not meant for satisfying your ego by starting fights and hurting others. Instead, you are taught to respect others and swallow your ego. In a confrontation, use of force should only be utilized if you have no other options.
Even though you are not looking for trouble, Krav Maga helps prepare you for the unexpected. There may be times when you look for a peaceful solution by trying to deescalate the conflict but an aggressor takes this as a sign of weakness. As a practitioner, you are always ready for combat while never revealing that you know something. Your first intention is to always make it known that you don’t want to fight. However, if the aggressor engages, you are ready to launch devastating counter attacks if necessary.
The Only Winner is the One that Goes Home Safe! Don’t let your ego get in the way of your judgement. Even if you beat someone senseless in the street, you can be charged criminally and end up serving a jail sentence. There is nothing to prove by fighting someone. You are a true winner if you go home to your loved ones alive and safe.
The key to survival is to continuously evolve and progress. As criminals evolve with the weapons and tactics they utilize on their victims, Krav Maga recognizes the need to keep ahead of new threats. Any system that remains static can quickly become outdated. As such, the tactics and techniques are constantly being evaluated and tested to see if there are simpler, faster and more effective methods. The only constants are the key concepts and philosophies. Any technique that requires more than 2 gross motor skills is extremely difficult to perform under stress. In Krav Maga, most of the tactics were designed to be simple and universal so that you don’t have to think about the move under stress. They work regardless of the direction you are attacked from as well as the size of the attacker. Although the tactics and technique sare simple to perform, it took many years of research and field testing to refine and evolve to where it is today. Think of a clock: simple on the face but when you look inside, you will see how many detailed and intricate parts it takes to make the clock move. This is symbolic of the ingenuity behind the simple and highly technical yet straight forward tactics. Once you understand the key concepts and apply them along with the no-nonsense street tactics, you have a much greater chance for survival.
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