Hormones – How the system works

Scientists are on the verge of radically extending the healthy human life through hormone modulation. For people over forty, hormones can really make a difference. As the aging process progresses, energy levels decline, minor health ailments develop as we experience a noticeable loss of the feeling of well-being. Vitality can deteriorate rapidly unless and individual takes aggressive steps to restore the body’s biochemistry to its youthful profile.
Your body manufactures hormones, which are chemical messengers – such as adrenaline, DHEA, human growth hormone, and dozens of others – that help regulate the body’s functions. Most hormones are produced by glands, but some are made by organs, such as the heart, the stomach, and the small intestines. Some hormones appear to be responsible for controlling levels of other hormones. Many hormones release by the pituitary gland, for instance, signal other glands, such as the Thyroid or adrenals, to release other hormones.
Just as your legs work together, many hormones work in pairs to create balance, according to the principle of opposing forces with one hormone opposing the action of the other. The pancreas produces the insulin-glucagon pair, for example-a pair in which insulin reduces blood-sugar levels, while glucagon increases blood sugar. By the Pancreas adding first a little of one hormone and then a bit of the other, the sugar concentration in the blood is kept nearly constant. It is evident that such a system must be precise in order to maintain a healthy balance. A breakdown in such a sensitive system – one that depends upon one reaction triggering a second reaction that in turn triggers a third and so forth-could result in shifts that could be catastrophic to your body.
Because the Austin Self Defense member base is predominantly 30+ age group, we felt that this would be a very important topic to discuss. We will be sending a series of newsletter pertaining to this topic and how it directly affects your ability to function at your optimum levels in our classes as well as to help members understand the correlation with hormones and the ability to regulate weight loss and muscle gain.
Dan at Founder of Austin Self Defense
*Based on information from Gary Null,  PHD

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