Fundamentals of Krav Maga

Krav Maga was founded by Imi Litchenfeld who started instruction in 1948 in Israel. Initially he educated IDF soldiers in order to create a powerful self-defense method for the Israeli military. His instruction integrated physical fitness, wrestling, swimming, use of knife and defense tactics against knife attacks. In 1964, As soon as he retired from his instruction profession in IDF, Imi produced some modifications in his self-defense approaches to cater to the requirements of civilians.
The fundamental aim of Krav Maga is to hurt an attacker intensely. Because there are no particular sporting guidelines anybody can study the tactics which are straightforward to learn and implement. Punches are a critical part of Krav Maga. Some of the punches that are taught in our courses are the straight punch, low punch, hammer fist, palm heel strike, hook, uppercut, overhand and chop. Folks undergoing Krav Maga education are taught to defend as effectively as they attack with these methods. Krav Maga practitioners also study the tactics to defend against punches and kicks simultaneously from any angle.
The art of Krav Maga contains some fundamental ideas. These include finishing the fight as soon as possible. Another fundamental principle consists of neutralizing the attacker by barraging them with a continuous stream of attacks and counterattacks. We also train you to be critically aware and conscious of your surroundings when dealing with an attacker. This is important because in many situations you will will quite possibly face more than one attacker. In addition, physical and mental management are key concepts of Krav Maga.
No matter whether you are a civilian or non-civilian, Krav Maga is a great self defense system that has become so popular for one reason: it works. Its methods are obtainable for civilians who require it for self-defense or for professionals such as law enforcement or military who need it as part of their job training. It is also one of the most popular self defense system for women because Krav Maga is based upon the principle of neutralizing attackers with superior size or strength. Whatever the reason you want to up your self defense abilities we have superbly trained instructors that will work with you to meet your goals.