Effective Groin Kicks

In sport fighting, such as mixed martial arts, kicking to the groin is not allowed. The reason these kicks are illegal is because a groin kick is hard to see coming, therefore it is very challenging to defend against. Also, when a groin kick lands correctly it is very damaging and can end the fight! This is the very reason it is allowed and encouraged in the Krav Maga training system. When it comes to self-defense, the Front Kick to the groin is a highly effective tool.
Kicks are more powerful than punches. Why? First of all, your legs are much stronger than your arms. They have been holding you up since the day you learned to walk and they carry your weight around all day long. Your legs are also longer than your arms, meaning kicks will give you a much greater reach advantage (which might even your odds against an opponent with longer arms who is untrained in using or defending against kicks). Legs are also harder to see coming than a punch.
Krav Maga emphasizes not just kicking to your target but kicking through the target. Remember, you want your foot to travel further than the contact point, which is why this kick may look like a high kick when performing it without making contact. Once you are comfortable kicking with the rear leg, practice kicking with the front leg. Kicking to the groin with the forward leg may feel less powerful, but it is faster and sneakier. Remember that you make contact with this kick with either the area of the foot where you would tie your shoes or with your shin. Master the groin kick and you will master one of the most effective tools in your self defense arsenal and remember that in the real world there’s no such thing as fair fight. Effectively delivering a groin kick might give you the time you need to escape a situation or neutralize one attacker long enough so you can deal with another. Either way there’s a reason we teach you how to deliver effective groin kicks…because they work.