Common Questions – FAQ

I would like to set up a consultation. What is the first step?

Contact for a  free consultation by simply clicking here and completing a short form. You will receive a confirmation that your information was sent and I will contact you within 24-hours. I may also be reached @ 512.918.9999.

What do I wear?

Wear regular gym attire. A towel and water is also recommended.

I have not worked out in a while. What can I expect?

Training is designed to cater to individuals according to their needs, interest & athletic abilities. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace. I teach more from a technique/tactical driven mindset of tweeking and honing skills to build muscle memory and instinctive reactions.

If you are seeking a higher intensity of training, bag drills will be incorporated to push your cardio limits and to work striking techniques. I will gradually push you to excel and achieve results you never dreamed possible. If you get winded, pause, catch your breath and jump right back in the drill (fight so to speak).

What if I have a pre-existing condition, injury or health concern?

I will request a description of your limitations during our consultation. I will help guide you in a direction that will allow you to work around your limitations without compromising your visual goals. Additionally, I will offer suggestion for your individual concerns so that we can work together to keep you positive, focused on your goals and moving in a forward direction.

I don’t really like group activities but really want to learn Self Defense and/or Fighting Skills?

Personal Training is by far the best way to excell at a very rapid pace in skill learning. PT is highly recommended for persons with a past history of assault and domestic violence as it allows for a safe environment to work through mental blocks & techniques that would have allowed you to have overcome & dominated in the past. This is HUGE in its ability to help clients put the past behind them and move forward with a revived & healthy approach to dating again, being in public and nurturing a helthy relationship.

I often lose interest in my training endeavors and give up. Any suggestions?

We will cover new techniques in each session, practice skill retention techniques and pad/striking drills.  The sessions are always different from the previous – fun, upbeat and a refreshing change from any training you may have taken in the past.

What if I just want to lose weight, tone and learn some Self-Defense?

We can stay focused on plyometric drills, pad drills & other drills that will compliment the self defense mentality while still throwing in self defense skills. I can design sessions that are unmatched in their ability to get you in the best shape…FAST! Best of all, your learning life saving skills while getting in shape!!

Do I need previous experience in Martial Arts or other systems to learn these self defens techniques?

No prior experience is necessary! Each session will break down each technique in steps then pull all the steps together into one fluid motion. Because individuals train at their own pace, each person will advance at a different rate. The sessions are geared towards personal achievement so focus is completely on the clients abilities to advance at a level/speed that allows for maximum retention.

Is this an age specific or gender specific training center?

I have trained clients from 12-73 years of age. I have both male and female clients. There are techniques that are more geared towards the types of situations a specific gender is most likely to be faced with but in general, attackers dont vary their style of brutality to be gender specific.

For any additional questions, please contact me (Dan)  @ 512-918-9999