Meet Your Krav Maga Instructor

Dan Kiser

CEO & President of Austin Self Defense

Background: Krav Maga, Haganah FIGHT, Israeli Tactical Knife, Israeli Combat Shooting (IPTT), Combat Fitness, Kick-Box Bag, Functional Fitness.

Dan Kiser is the President of Austin Self Defense, which has served Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander since 2002.

Mr. Kiser began training in Krav Maga Israeli Military Defensive Tactics in the year 1999 and became a certified Instructor under Krav Maga Worldwide in 2002. Shortly thereafter Mr. Kiser was introduced to Haganah FIGHT Israeli Military Defensive Tactics and achieved instructor status in that system under the founder Mike Lee Kanarek former IDF Golani Brigade.

He continued his training and in both areas as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to become well versed in stand up and ground defensive tactics. Following the Haganah FIGHT certification he became certified in the “Haganah Tactical Knife” fighting system then went on to become certified in the “Haganah Fit to Fight” training system. At this point MMA was becoming popular and he wanted to bring in elements of this but with a street survival mindset so began teaching classes he called “MMA- Ring to Street”. This teaching took into account that there were no rules and no refers monitoring so therefore the objectives changed steering away from submissions and spending very little time on the ground. Mr. Kiser began training under Garret Machine from the Israeli Special Ops Division (Duvdevan Unit) in range related tactical training including Pistol, Rifle, Pistol to Rifle Transitions, Team Tactics/Room Breaches, Active Shooter, Firing from a Vehicle, High Risk Security Course/3rd Party Protection, Handcuffing

Mr. Kiser eventually left from Krav Maga Worldwide and became a certified instructor with the International Krav Maga Federation out of Israel training under Avi Moyal (Head Instructor & former IDF Marine), Thierry Cimkauskas, Tamir Galad, Israel Tamir & Israel Cohen.

Mr. Kiser shifted his focus away from teaching group classes in early 2015 and began only teaching privates, semi privates and group Krav Maga seminars and derives the most enjoyment from teaching the more intimate groups where he can help his students advance at a very fast pace and proficiency in a small amount of time.

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