21 Important Self Defense Questions


Most of us don’t like to think of the worst case scenarios when it comes to self defense. Denial seems to be a sweeter, softer place. But parents can’t have that luxury. Parents sign on to help their children grow up and be strong and to give them the tools for success they need in life.
Wise parents prepare their children for best case and worst case scenarios in all areas of life because it saves so much physical, mental, and emotional pain.
I know it’s difficult to take a hard look at the list of questions below. They represent dangerous situations, and no one ever wants to feel inadequate or fearful at anytime in their life.
But, as I wrote in my post How would you face danger or disaster?, if a person has never thought through danger, disaster, or self defense, they may be empty of options when disaster strikes.  However, the more you think through your options beforehand, the more able your responses.
People with even a small sense of control over their situation perform better that those who believe they have no control. When you realize you have options, you are enabled to take more effective action.
Please look over these questions and play some What Would I Do? scenarios through your mind. This is by no means an exhaustive list. You may know of similar instances from your life or stories told by friends or family members. When you are done, talk to your high school teenagers and help them visualize their options as well:
✦  How far will I go to defend myself?
✦ What if someone walks into my school with a gun?
✦ What if someone picks a fight at a party? At a bar? At a family gathering?
✦ What if I’m in a store or bank that’s being robbed?
✦ What if my plane is hijacked?
✦ What if someone enters my church with a bomb?
✦ What can I do if attacked by more than one person?
✦ What will I do if the office sleaze propositions me?
✦ What if I wake up and a stranger is standing by my bed?
✦ What if I notice my front door lock is tampered with?
✦ What if I forget to monitor my drink at a party?
✦ What will I do if I get a text message that a shooter is in my building?
✦ What if someone starts showing road rage and tries to hit my car?
✦ What if a noise wakes me up, and I hear an intruder in the house?
✦ What if another parent at a youth sporting event threatens or strikes me?
✦ What if I work at a convenience store and someone pulls a gun on me?
✦ What if a date gets possessive in a way that freaks me out?
✦ What if my date starts to undress me and won’t listen to my objections?
✦ What if I’m walking by myself and notice someone following me?
✦ What if my car breaks down on the road, with no nearby help?
✦ What if my boss threatens to fire me if I don’t start dating him?
By mentally preparing yourself by asking some basic questions about situations you might find yourself in you will be more likely to make the right decision to protect you and your loved ones.

21 self defense questions you (and your teenagers) may want to think about