10 Krav Maga Fighting Tips

Finding the top 10 Krav Maga fighting tips may be a bit troublesome for those new to this fighting style. Krav Maga is known for its brutality and efficiency in counter attacks; traits that make it a prime choice for self-defense in the world. If you need tips to jumpstart your proficiency in this fighting style, be sure to follow these Krav Maga fighting tips:

  1. Keep your chin down .A punch to the throat can be fatal. Always have your chin down in a fight so you can properly absorb the attack and avoid a fatal attack.
  2. Always have your block up. Never put your guard down. When you are not throwing a punch or kick, you should have your guard fully intact. When you are throwing a punch, you should have one arm up to parry or block an incoming attack. This is one of the more important Krav Maga fighting tips because lacking guard is an invitation for counter attacks.
  3. Be aggressive but smart. Do not play into your enemies tactics. You should strike effectively and efficiently, but never go into a fight blinded by rage or fear. It may spell the end for you.
  4. Use your body weight when striking. Whether it is a kick or a punch, your full body weight should be behind each strike. This technique is necessary because it can allow you to break through your opponents block, disrupt their balance, and increase the power of a successful hit. One of the key principles in many fighting styles, Krav Maga included. This is one of the most important Krav Maga fighting tips.
  5. Strike with the tip of your knuckles. This allows for a greater and more forceful impact. The knuckles are one of the most damaging features of your hand, and should be taken advantage of. To properly land a punch with the tip of your knuckles requires nothing more than practice and repetition.
  6. Fight to your advantage. If you find that you operate in a fight better when you have a sizeable distance between you and your enemy, exploit that.
  7. Throw compact attacks in close quarters. When you are only a forearms length away from your enemy, do not be afraid to throw an elbow, knee or go for the grapple. Straights and jabs tend to fail at such close quarters, because a swift elbow will be more effective at closing the distance. This is another one of the more important Krav Maga fighting tips, being unprepared for a close quarters fight can be the cause of a loss for any fighter.
  8. Acquire distance with a defensive kick. If you are being cornered by an enemy or you need more space, a vertical defensive kick can be very advantageous. Raise your knee and extend the leg when performing this kick. You need to connect with your whole foot and put all of your body weight behind it. If performed properly, your enemy will either be sent off of their feet, stunned or simply stagger away from you.
  9. Strike accurately. To cause damage effectively, it is recommended that you strike the same target over and over again. If you are aiming to damage their ribs, strike their ribs and that exact point on the rib cage various times. If done accurately, that point will become so weak and battered that it will swell and or cause injury. Accuracy can spell the win for a fight, which is why this is one of the greatest Krav Maga fighting tips.
  10. Control the fight. The ability to control the fight is one of the greatest things a fighter can do. You have to lead your enemy, make them move the way you want to. This is done by throwing feints and getting them to make moves that you expect them to. This takes time to nurture, but will allow you to be able to dominate fights in Krav Maga, because you will be able to make your enemy fall for traps that you expertly lay.