Private Training

Private Personal Protection and Self Defense Training

Private training is becoming a more and more popular way to learn at ASD. Everyone has a different reason for wanting or needing private training instead of class training but the most common reasons are:

  • Work is very demanding limiting available time
  • Learn better with 1 on 1 training versus group training
  • Traveling to a foreign country and need accelerated training
  • News reports of increased violent crime, gang activity, rapists, stalkers, etc.
  • Prepare daughters for college
  • High profile persons with increased potentials for attacks
  • Police, security and military persons for job related reasons

These are the most common types of requests or persons requesting private training however, needs vary.

Fitness Training

Our coaches will design fitness drills, skills and techniques according to our clients needs. Coaches can design these sessions as mild to very intense depending on the clients physical conditioning & request. Couches can build a Boot Camp style workout incorporating: Medicine Balls, Bosu Balls, Swiss Balls, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Jump Ropes, Sports cones, Ladder Drills etc. If this is not your flavor and prefer a CrossFit style workout, Couches can incorporate: Bar Lifts, Pull Ups, Ropes, Kettlebeells and many other sports related listing and movements to accomplish your goals. Because we are a self defense facility as well with certified instructors with backgrounds in traditional martial arts, boxing and reality based defensive tactics like Krav Maga & Haganah, these instructors are available for fitness workouts involving pad drills, boxing drills, heavy bag work etc.

Our instructors are skilled in many areas and are fully capable and adept at designing Self Defense scenarios and/or fitness & conditioning routines according to our clients needs. It is ideal that training be done at the ASD facility as we have all the equipment necessary along with a padded mat however, our instructors will travel to the client’s location as well. Please specify your desire in these 2 areas.

Our prices vary depending on number of sessions purchased at any one time. Contact ASD today to enquire about self defense and fitness training tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Call 512-918-9999 now for more info and/or to arrange for a prescreening.