Class Description


Each guest will be offered two (2) free trial visits to assess the facility, members & instructors to ensure this is a good fit for them. Guests must be on the guest list to attend the free trial class(s). Guests may sign up on our web site or call us directly @ 512-918-9999.


When you arrive for your first class our friendly staff will greet you at the front desk and have you sign a waiver, give you a tour of the facility then go through a brief 15-minute intro. The Intro will cover basic stance, how to make a fist, mentality in the self defense and overview of the upcoming class. If time permits, guests may work the technique that will be taught in that class briefly so they have some prior knowledge before the class actually starts. We suggest arriving 25-minutes early for your 1st trial class to allow enough time to find our facility, get signed in and sign a waiver prior to Intro starting.

 Our classes are Fun, Upbeat, Informative and Empowering! Just talk to somebody who has just experienced their first class and you will feel the energy spilling out of them as they describe their experience with us. It is not just the classes however that make the experience so wonderful. The people (members & staff) are very polite, respectful, uplifting and encouraging. Everybody wants to see the others success! It is through helping others to succeed that we experience the inner peace and complete fulfillment from the training and teaching at ASD!

 If you have been contemplating trying a class but hesitant due to fear of the unknown OR because you are waiting on your best friend to commit and try this with you, wait NO MORE! There is no need to bring a partner as we will partner you up according to gender and what we perceive to be a good personality mix so you get the best experience of your life. Everybody works at the same pace through the techniques so you will never feel inferior to anybody else.


Have you been waiting to start classes at the beginning of the curriculum?

Our Krav Maga classes are on a rotating curriculum so this is never an issue. There is no beginning or end date which works to your benefit because you can start taking classes at any time. The Practitioner 1 (beginner) level takes approximately 37 classes to complete which is one (1) full rotation of skills. It does not matter at what point in the curriculum you start because eventually you will get back around to the 1st training skill you had the day you signed up. The classes are broken down into steps and everybody is moving at the same pace regardless if you just signed up or are two (2) months into the rotation.

The focus of the student should be on building muscle memory in the combination of moves by training at a slow, smooth & fluid pace while practicing control and precision. Only when the student is able to train as outlined above should they begin to increase to a moderate and then fast pace. Everybody moves at their own pace according to their own abilities to retain and excel! The p1 (beginner) level is the foundation to all the other class levels above it. Students will learn how to make a proper fist, throw a punch, footwork and self defense techniques for many very common types of attacks. The mentality at this level is to defend, counter and run. As you advance through levels in Krav Maga you will learn more complex techniques such as defending against a gun and performing a takeaway which could be your 1st priority to running depending on the circumstances.

The completion of each level will take approximately 3 ½ months from the time you start classes to the time you get back around to that same skill you learned on your 1st day. At the time of completion of the P1 level course, practitioners can choose to be tested, in order to advance to the next level (P2). Test are typically scheduled and posted for the entire year so students can choose if and when they would like to try and test to the next level.



After sign up, new members will be expected to wear a uniform shirt and groin protection to every class. ASD provides one (1) free uniform shirt at the time of sign up.



Practitioner 1-5                                          3.5 Months

Graduate    1-5                                            3.5 Months

Expert        1-5                                             3.5 Months

Master    1-3                                                3.5 Months

There are many levels in Krav Maga and each level builds upon the other in its diversity, complexity and mentality. Students will learn how to defend against punches, kicks, chokes, headlocks, grabs, knife threats, knife attacks, gun threats, single attacker, multiple attackers, from standing, sitting, laying and much more

Contact us today to schedule your free trial class or for any further questions relating to this program. 512-918-9999

Age restrictions:

13 yrs +

Classes are co-ed