ASD Instructors

Dan Kiser

Dan Kiser Photo - CEO of ASD
CEO & President of ASD
Instructor: Haganah FIGHT, Israeli Tactical Knife, Israeli Combat Shooting (IPTT), Krav Maga, Combat Fitness

Dan Kiser is the President of Austin Self Defense, which has served Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander since 2002. Mr. Kiser has always had a passion for learning self-defense and fighting techniques and sought out training in reality-based martial art forms. Mr. Kiser has undergone extensive training and received certifications in Krav Maga and Haganah Israeli Self Defense & Hand to Hand Combat and anti terrorist techniques. Mr. Kiser has trained under many well-known and prestigious instructors including, Mike Lee Kanarek who is the founder of Haganah F.I.G.H.T and former Operations Group Commando of the Golani Brigade Special Ops Unit of South Lebanon. Additionally Mr. Kiser has consistently trained in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Hap Kito, Tae Kwon Do, Sambo, & Judo.



Bart Brooks

IKMF Director for Texas, Instructor: Krav Maga

Originally from Fort Worth, TX, Bart Brooks is a man of many “life journeys” on his path to teach.  His journey in martial arts began in 1993 as a student with the legendary founder of the American Karate system,  J. Pat Burleson (10th degree black belt) and became a 4th degree black belt.  He co-founded the Christian Soldiers Karate Program with Pat and was a bronze medal winner in the 1998 Texas State Championship in Full Contact Karate.  Bart’s journey continued in 2003 as a student of Krav Maga, then in 2006 when he became an instructor under the founder of the International Krav Maga Federation, Avi Moyal.  Continuing his training with IKMF masters in both the US and Israel, Bart opened the IKMF regional training center in Fort Worth and grew a very devoted and loyal student following.  We were excited to have him move permanently to Austin in 2010 to bring his knowledge and teaching experience in Krav Maga and self-defense to benefit our community.  Many of his Fort Worth students still travel down to Austin to attend his seminars and testing events.  After almost 20 years in martial arts, Bart crowned his achievements in 2012 by becoming the first IKMF Expert Certified Krav Maga instructor in the US by training and testing in Israel.

Bart’s journey in martial arts has been driven by the philosophy of “paying it forward” by sharing his knowledge with students and selflessly dedicating himself to their success.  After personally achieving so many advanced levels in Karate and Krav Maga and putting himself “on the mat” in real-time competitive matches and self-defense scenarios, he now builds a legacy of helping others achieve the same ability to “walk in peace”.  His time of study in Israel and relationships developed with the masters provide his students with unique opportunity to learn and live Krav Maga as it is taught where it was founded.

While following his martial arts journey, Bart also attended college at University of Texas Arlington and has become an enthusiastic TCU “football nut”.  His third passion (behind family and Krav Maga) is restoring vintage motorcycles  .  A devout man of family and faith, he brings this devotion to his students to share the lessons of his journey.



Vic Fredlund

Instructor: Haganah FIGHT, Israeli Tactical Knife, Israeli Combat Shooting (IPTT)

Vic brings his military and martial arts background to Austin Self Defense (ASD) to assist in training students in the skills to defend against a potential threat or attack.

During his six years in the US Navy Vic recognized the value of self defense training.  Vic also trained extensively in Tae Kwon Do and now holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. While training in TKD, Vic competed regularly in both local and state competitions. TKD became his new passion and with interest in passing along his skills, quickly attained his instructor credentials to instruct both adults and children classes.  In order to expand on his self-defense training, he began training extensively in the Filipino martial art “Modern Arnis”, which focuses on stick and knife fighting as well as joint-locks.  In early 2006, Vic wanted to expand his self-defense knowledge even further and began looking for more “street-oriented” training styles.  In his search, he found his new home at Austin Self Defense.  Focusing on Krav Maga and Haganah, Vic continued his evolution from competitive martial arts to realistic, real-life self defense / defensive tactics.  Vic’s profession in the technical support of HVAC systems helps to financially support his commitment to self defense excellence.  In late 2008 Vic received his Haganah instructor certification to continue his journey in helping others with realistic defensive tactics training. Vic’s greatest personal reward is to continually broaden his training cuuriculum which also enables him to educate others on the best training available for real life situations.

Sarah Stevens

Instructor: Krav Maga

Sarah discovered Krav Maga in 2008 and since that day has never looked back – moving forward with her own unique blend of energy and enthusiasm.  Coming into the Krav Maga system with a diverse athletic background, she always had an interest in self defense and other traditional martial arts but did not have the experience. She quickly realized and appreciated the simple effectiveness of Krav Maga and was drawn in by the intensity of training, precision, and variety of techniques. In completing the Civilian Instructor Course in 2012, her goal is to share her understanding and to help afford others with the same opportunity to “walk in peace”.

CJ Neagle

Instructor: Krav Maga

CJ is a dedicated student of Dan Kiser and Bart Brooks. After rigorously practicing Krav Maga for three years, he was recommended to attend the Civilian Instructor Training and join the ranks of excellence that already exists at ASD. His passion for realistic self defense techniques has him consistently training as well as teaching. Serving four years in the U.S. Coast Guard as a boarding officer and rescue swimmer had him act in dozens of law enforcement and life-or-death situations. He also worked as a bouncer for several years, eventually managing a team of doormen and handling all manner of bar and street related conflicts.

CJ is a student of criminal justice and psychology and brings his studies to his teachings relating to stress management in dangerous situations. He also studied Aikido and Karate while serving in the military. He is driven to help people empower themselves and have the knowledge, fitness, mindset and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Beth Lalonde

Level One Certified CrossFit Instructor

Wife and Mother to the coolest family in the world! Beth has always had a passion for fitness, and comes from a diverse fitness background. Aside from her love for cross training she is a former student of Austin Self Defense in Krav Maga & Haganah F.I.G.H.T. Beth wants to teach, train and mentor others to reach their own personal fitness goals- ASD CrossFit is the perfect platform to build others up physically and mentally.

Beth is excited to be a part of the Austin Self Defense Family! She looks forward to continuing her education in nutrition and personal training this Fall.



Rashida Byams
Rashida is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit instructor and has been training in CrossFit since 2010.  She is a long-time athlete with a true passion for connecting with people through fitness and believes life change is possible for anyone who really wants it!  Rashida has worked as an occupational therapist and certified rehabilitation counselor for over 10 years helping clients with catastrophic injuries gain greater levels of independence in their day to day lives.  One day Rashida hopes to specialize in the modification of CrossFit movements for people with a variety of physical, visual, and/or cognitive impairments.


Neal Cantin


Neal has been coaching CrossFit for over 2 years. He is a veteran of the Coast Guard where he began his path in physical fitness as a triathlete. He has competed in triathlons, marathons, mountain bike racing, adventure racing, and now in CrossFit. Neal is currently perusing a degree in Health and Human Performance to further his knowledge and better educate athletes in a healthy lifestyle. When not training or coaching you can usually find Neal researching movements, nutrition or horticulture. Neal says the biggest draw to CrossFit for him is the challenge and undeniable results.